The Last Five-and-a-Half Years

Well, well. So many updates and so much time. At some point, I’ll update this regularly. Maybe. Clearly everything that happened in that last post is over. That post was actually right before this whole thing started – that was certainly a thing. I’m very glad it’s over. Things have been much more stable in … Read moreThe Last Five-and-a-Half Years

The Last Four Years

I started watching Markiplier’s LP of Emily is Away and it inspired me to download AIM again. Because nostalgia. But AIM is broken now and it’s horrible and was a letdown. However… In my single AIM conversation, I was reminded that I hadn’t updated this in years. Like, since I split up with Bryce. Our divorce … Read moreThe Last Four Years

My Life from 4th to 12th Grade by Song

I’m doing this by grade. The songs I associate with each grade. Yep. I don’t actually feel like typing, I just started listening to these and… yeah. I don’t know. I AM FULL OF ELOQUENCE TODAY. So… 4 = 4th grade, 5 = 5th grade, etc. I don’t think I really listened to music much … Read moreMy Life from 4th to 12th Grade by Song

Except for Game of Thrones, TV is obsolete.

Heyyy. I haven’t written on this blog since August. Sorry if any of you cared (or exist.) So. I have stopped watching TV. This is true except for about 6 hours on Sunday when I watch Game of Thrones (over… and over… and over… because omgIloveyouDaenerys!). My cable box thing has been set to HBO … Read moreExcept for Game of Thrones, TV is obsolete.

Lucid Dream and Morbid Dream

I had two dreams last night. For one of them, I knew that I was dreaming, so I was much more daring than usual. For the second one, I didn’t know that I was dreaming, but it was ridiculously morbid, and I think that I sort of knew that I was dreaming, otherwise I wouldn’t have … Read moreLucid Dream and Morbid Dream

My Dream from Last Night

I had two dreams last night, that I can remember. The first one was where I was at work, in some upscale house, helping with an auction for jewelry. Bryce was in the crowd somewhere. I really wanted Bryce to buy this ring I was looking at, but when bidding started, no one would pay … Read moreMy Dream from Last Night

A Response to Forever Alone Guy About Relationships (Possibly NSFW)

Someone I follow on twitter wrote a blog about relationships. He has never been in one, so it was more about what kind of relationship he would want, and how he sees the idea of marriage. It can be read here. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I’ve been in several relationships, and … Read moreA Response to Forever Alone Guy About Relationships (Possibly NSFW)

Pineapples and Random Thought Streaming

Most of the time I’ve spent in Australia has been in Seymour or Melbourne. Compared to where I’ve grown up, these are pretty small areas, with fewer sources of  entertainment. A blog topic has just been requested. This is now about pineapples. I enjoy pineapples. The most interesting things I know about pineapples are that … Read morePineapples and Random Thought Streaming

How to Dye Brown Hair Blue

My fiance’s aunt dyed my hair blue a few weeks ago, and a few people said I should write a blog about how to do it, since they had never seen someone get their hair dyed. It’s a pretty boring process, mostly waiting, but here you go: 1. You get bleach. Not Clorox mind you, … Read moreHow to Dye Brown Hair Blue