The Last Five-and-a-Half Years

Well, well. So many updates and so much time. At some point, I’ll update this regularly. Maybe. Clearly everything that happened in that last post is over. That post was actually right before this whole thing started – that was certainly a thing. I’m very glad it’s over. Things have been much more stable in … Read moreThe Last Five-and-a-Half Years

My Dream from Last Night

I had two dreams last night, that I can remember. The first one was where I was at work, in some upscale house, helping with an auction for jewelry. Bryce was in the crowd somewhere. I really wanted Bryce to buy this ring I was looking at, but when bidding started, no one would pay … Read moreMy Dream from Last Night

Pineapples and Random Thought Streaming

Most of the time I’ve spent in Australia has been in Seymour or Melbourne. Compared to where I’ve grown up, these are pretty small areas, with fewer sources of  entertainment. A blog topic has just been requested. This is now about pineapples. I enjoy pineapples. The most interesting things I know about pineapples are that … Read morePineapples and Random Thought Streaming

Australian Dictionary

EDIT: To see what I’ve added, hit ctrl+F and search “Added”. You can also look them up by the dates I’ve added words. So far, I’ve added only words on April 5, 2012. While I was in Australia, I realized that I had no idea what anyone was saying. There’s a huge difference between US … Read moreAustralian Dictionary

Ex-Boyfriend Nicknames

I have dated many guys in the last 10 years. Most of them I don’t count — I exclude everyone before high school for the most part — but in explaining my past to Bryce, I’ve discovered that I give my exes strange nicknames. The first boyfriend I had was called Lemonhead. Not really, I … Read moreEx-Boyfriend Nicknames

Fake Personas on Teh Internetz!

Ah, yes. Within the MyIGN community, there have been two recent “fake” people. One was quickly forgiven, her reasons were easy to understand and she’s still a part of the community. She explained herself and that was pretty much the end of the situation. With the more recent one, it was a guy who had … Read moreFake Personas on Teh Internetz!

More Games and such for sale!

I sold a few things the last time I listed things for sale on here, so I’m going to try again for more 🙂 Here’s my Amazon storefront again… And here are the items I have for sale otherwise:     Thanks for looking 🙂

Ohai. I’m selling my games and swag.

…not all of them, of course. But a few. Like 30-40 of them. All proceeds are going to… reuniting me with my fiance. The games and such are here: I also have the following: LittleBigPlanet2 shirt from PAX 2010, size small – $10 PAL copy of BFBC2 on 360, signed by several developers (GvD, Alan … Read moreOhai. I’m selling my games and swag.

If You Come to Downtown Los Angeles…

…You must find this floor and play with it. I wanted to spend all of E3 here. That’s all for now. I’m working on another blog post but have something more important to focus on right now.

Dreams… My subconscious is crazy

On Tuesday night, I dreamed that I was in a field with really green grass that had a cafe and bar kiosk-type-thing in the middle of it. Lines were forming for people to get drinks at the cafe, but the soda machine (which looked like a giant sink) was spraying soda water incessantly. There was … Read moreDreams… My subconscious is crazy