My Dream from Last Night

I had two dreams last night, that I can remember.

The first one was where I was at work, in some upscale house, helping with an auction for jewelry. Bryce was in the crowd somewhere. I really wanted Bryce to buy this ring I was looking at, but when bidding started, no one would pay over $25 for it, even though it was covered in sapphires and diamonds. The woman who owned it said it was worth at least a few thousand dollars, and people still didn’t want to buy it. I didn’t have any money, so I couldn’t.

After work, my dad was supposed to pick me up. It was really cold out, but Bryce said I had to wait outside. Then, he left. I raged a bit.

Some guy who had been working with me decided to help me by handing me the box that has my Silent Hill nurse cosplay in it.

Instead of the plain box that it arrived to Australia in, the box was covered in FedEx and UPS labels, saying it had been shipped to my friend Lee’s house, to my dad’s house, to my mom’s, then to me. I found a blank side, pulled some fuchsia paper out of nowhere, and started trying to write my dad’s address on it. For some reason, I kept writing “7060 SW Cosplay St” even though I knew what his actual address was. The guy who had handed the box to me couldn’t figure out why I was having so much trouble writing the address, and I couldn’t figure out why I was writing it at all. Eventually, I decided I would just walk the box to my dad’s house.

Across the Pacific Ocean.

Apparently dream me is Jesus.

It was also still cold. I ended up walking for about 10 minutes… then woke up. I was so happy to see Bryce next to me, not being a jerk and leaving me in the cold. I went back to sleep.

My dream continued. I was still walking, and found Bryce’s house. At this point, I became aware that I had to fly back to the US that day. Bryce didn’t seem to care (dream Bryce is always worse than real Bryce) and was actually having a party. I was really upset that he was having a party when I was leaving, and that he wasn’t taking me to the airport. After a few minutes, I realized it was a birthday party for him, and some other girl had made him a large, rectangular cake. She also painted this cake green, then asked him what he wanted on it. He wanted an AFL field on his cake. It was this color, and this pattern… although without the iStockphoto watermark. Obviously.

This girl was also talking about how incompetent I am as a partner to Bryce — how I hadn’t even made him a cake or a card, so she had to make him a card from poster board and get everyone to sign it. I was flabbergasted and had no idea how to react, so I just sat on our bed and watched her put posters everywhere, lighting candles and stringing Christmas lights all over the house. About fifty people came to the party, including my brothers and their friends, and everyone just sort of mingled. There were bricks of cheese everywhere, too, with cheese knives that Bryce and I recently saw in the post office (in real life). Everyone was drinking wine. I was irate, and couldn’t figure out why my brothers had come to celebrate Bryce’s birthday but hadn’t done anything for mine.

Then… I woke up again. It’s nice when reality is better than dreams.

Aaaanyway. Thanks for reading. Sorry my dreams are so odd sometimes.

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