Lucid Dream and Morbid Dream

I had two dreams last night. For one of them, I knew that I was dreaming, so I was much more daring than usual. For the second one, I didn’t know that I was dreaming, but it was ridiculously morbid, and I think that I sort of knew that I was dreaming, otherwise I wouldn’t have been as calm about it as I was.

For the first dream, it was night time. The sun was actually setting — in the form of a Sunpetal Grove. The trees were a normal size, so you can see how big it would be in my dream. There were a lot of evergreens around, so I felt like I was in Portland.

Every once in awhile, the inside of the flower would be replaced with this gigantic (about half the size of the flower) gemstone that looked like a clear rupee from Zelda. I was standing under a roof, but I wasn’t indoors — it was just a carport or something, and I was with some guy who was tall and looked strong. I couldn’t figure out who it was, thought it might be either my friend Terence, or my other friend Dylan, although I don’t think Dylan is as tall as this guy was.

I decided that the Sunpetal Grove was my goal, and that I needed to get there to see what it was like. I explained this to my tall friend, and we started walking toward it, only to be stopped by an eight foot tall chain link fence that I couldn’t see through.

Tall guy started trying to throw me over (he would pick me up and sort of swing my legs toward it) but I couldn’t get over the top. I eventually looked to the left and saw a shorter chain link fence, then further left, a wall with a door. I went to the door and opened it, and some flames sort of whipped out at me.

This is when I realized that I was about to walk into Hell, but I wasn’t really worried about it, since I knew that I was dreaming. I walked in, and nothing was on fire except for the door jamb. Inside, there was a long, narrow arcade, lit only with red and orange lights. The arcade extended mostly to the right of the door, and included a little counter with the cheap toys they give to kids who win enough tickets.

There were also a bunch of Japanese guys standing around, with a few playing Skee-Ball, DDR, or running on treadmills. Everything was red, though. Red DDR pads, red Skee-Ball, red walls…

They told me that I had to do the same thing, so I played a few games of Skee-Ball, challenged one of them to DDR (and won!), then started running on the treadmill. Spiders started appearing and crawling on the wall, then one of them was red and black with a Spiderman pattern on its back. I was disgusted, but laughed a bit at what my subconscious was coming up with, and kept running on the treadmill. After awhile, the “leader” of this area told me that I had completed what they needed me to do, and that I could leave. The lights started changing from red to blue and green as I returned to the door I had entered in.

After I left, I started looking for the door to the next realm, but I couldn’t find it before I woke up. I then told Bryce about my dream (I think I described it as Dante’s Inferno), and went back to sleep.

The next dream was a bit more morbid. I’m censoring some of it, so if you want to skip the morbid bits… don’t highlight anything.

One of my friends, Kayla, who’s about 18 or 19 (I used to babysit her) had killed an older man, probably around 60 years old. She wanted me to help her bury the body. Instead of saying no, I asked her if she had a shovel of some sort, and a saw.

I had her cut the body up so it could be buried in a smaller space, while I went to a huge two-story grocery store. I found a bunch of people that I work with near some escalators in the store, plus one of my exes (one that happens to look very much like someone I work with. We’ll call the guy from work James). When we got to the bottom of the escalators, James hugged me and was hinting that he wanted to date me. While he was talking, I looked away, and looked back, and he suddenly had a really feminine hime hair cut. Very much like this:

I started thinking about how he was pretty as a girl and a guy at the same time. It was weird. I had this whole dialogue going on in my head while he held and talked to me, plus I was listening to his flattery. Eventually, I realized that I had to go check on Kayla, to make sure she was doing okay burying the body of the guy she had killed. I told James that I would be right back, then ran off to find Kayla.

She had decided on a grassy area right next to a freeway, and had dug a hole about 4′ deep, and had a box that was about 3’x2′ with the guy’s body parts in it. Nothing was bleeding — it was like he was a doll. She said she was almost done, and asked if I could just finish it up. I looked in the backpack she had been carrying everything in, and she hadn’t buried his head. I ended up digging another hole for his head, then burying it there just as my dad came walking up. I told him that I was just about to go to the store, and asked if he needed anything. He said he didn’t.

Then I woke up.

Try not to judge me for my creepy dreams, I would have loved to continue my first dream where I was wandering around Hell, instead.

Hell was awesome. It had DDR.

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