Except for Game of Thrones, TV is obsolete.

Heyyy. I haven’t written on this blog since August. Sorry if any of you cared (or exist.)


I have stopped watching TV. This is true except for about 6 hours on Sunday when I watch Game of Thrones (over… and over… and over… because omgIloveyouDaenerys!). My cable box thing has been set to HBO for the past month, and besides that, I haven’t watched TV for a few months. Instead, I’ve been using my 360.

My 360 has Youtube. Youtube has Markiplier, and I love watching him play games. He plays all the games I can’t play because I throw pho all over my face. (Seriously. I watched him play Pesadelo, and was perched over my laptop, eating pho, and thinking, “Wow, this is a terrible idea. Oh well, I just won’t jump. It can’t be that bad.” First jump scare made me jump so much I threw my pho, chilies and all,  into my face and all over my bed. I am a classy lady.) I’ve started trying to play Amnesia, and I failed miserably. I’ll probably try again at some point, but not with anything spillable near me.

Youtube also has cat videos. So many cat videos. A lot of the favorites on my favourites playlist are cat videos. Babies, cats, music, inspirational stuff, and video games. I’m not a very interesting individual.

Netflix is also on my 360. Netflix has My Little Pony. It also has White Collar and House of Cards and The Tudors. There are very few shows that I want to watch that I can’t watch on Netflix… or Hulu, which is another nice resource, and another reason I don’t really need TV.

I have gotten to the point where I don’t really see the point of waiting around for shows to be on at specific times. I know it’s a total first world problem, but it seems so inconvenient to set my schedule around TV programming… Except for Game of Thrones, like I said.

When I was in Australia, there was no Netflix/Hulu. Everything had to be pirated if I wanted to see it because we didn’t use our TV at all except for playing console games, and the TV programming was completely different in Australia. Youtube would still work, but one can only watch kittens and slow loris…es? Lori? for so long.

Aaaaaaaaanyway. Season 3 of Game of Thrones started a couple weeks ago, so I’ll watch that, but that’s the only thing I’m willing to wait for. Because Fire and Blood.

Again, sorry for waiting so long to blog again. Once I come up with some decent ideas (this blog was total nonsense and useless, I know, sorry for that, too) I’ll blog again. All the advice I got for this one was to write about Chi Cheng (which is really sad, but I don’t want to be sad right now) and to write something to piss people off — which I actually did write, but then I decided I didn’t want to deal with the drama, so I deleted it.

If you have any ideas, please suggest them. I do not come up with good ideas unless I’m coming up with solutions for problems, or watching Amnesia custom stories. Ergh. I’m not going to ramble anymore.


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