My Life from 4th to 12th Grade by Song

I’m doing this by grade. The songs I associate with each grade. Yep. I don’t actually feel like typing, I just started listening to these and… yeah. I don’t know. I AM FULL OF ELOQUENCE TODAY.

So… 4 = 4th grade, 5 = 5th grade, etc.

I don’t think I really listened to music much before 4th grade, so…


My first techno! My best friend’s brother listened to this, and I thought it was pretty much the best thing ever.



My friend Megan and I used to call Z100 (the “cool” station, back in the dayyy) and request this song.



Because Romeo + Juliet and this song is obsessive like me. <.< I still love singing it, and it’s usually playing in my car.



My friend Nate introduced me to the Smashing Pumpkins, and I had to choose between this and Zero. This won.



Ah… I found Deftones and Nine Inch Nails in 7th-8th grade. Yeah. I fell in love with NIN while I was in a hospital for attempting suicide too many times. Oops.



My friend Kelsey introduced me to Daft Punk and Fischerspooner and a bunch of other music around this time. My boyfriend, Cody, was listening to Korn all the time, which actually made me angry (Korn, not the fact that he was listening to them) so I kind of escaped to laladanceymusicland.



Creative Writing class introduced me to Krispin. Krispin introduced me to MeWithoutYou and a book called Blue Like Jazz. I almost considered converting to Christianity… then I didn’t.



This is mostly because I was going to The Escape all the time, and they would play this, and I would immediately be elated and confident and happy with everything, regardless of how much crap I was going through at the time.



I was 18, broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years to be with someone new. He introduced me to Dredg and Armor For Sleep. I loved them both.


Then… high school ended, and every year after that blurred together.  The end!

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