Dreams… My subconscious is crazy

On Tuesday night, I dreamed that I was in a field with really green grass that had a cafe and bar kiosk-type-thing in the middle of it. Lines were forming for people to get drinks at the cafe, but the soda machine (which looked like a giant sink) was spraying soda water incessantly. There was very little around besides a bunch of people sitting on the ground staring at something, and the field was probably a mile wide, with evergreens growing on either side.

On the bar side of the kiosk, a giant pyramid head was killing things, but someone was describing his every move… like I kept hearing a booming voice say, “and now he lifts his arm to destroy the counter…” or whatever. I hid behind the cafe so he wouldn’t kill me, then noticed that there were all these guys in suits sitting on the field, so I sat in the middle of them so pyramid head wouldn’t single me out.

One of the guys started talking to me, then another guy started talking over him to me and tried to kiss me, so I tried to slap him and kind of missed, ended up just hitting him over the head and told him I wasn’t comfortable with him kissing me because I had just met him and that was weird. I decided that I should go find my car and go home, and I knew that I had parked in a parking garage somewhere but wasn’t sure where. So I went to the parking garage, which was the same as PSU’s parking garage, and started climbing the stairs. I got to the 6th floor and decided I had gone too far, but I saw all these people that I knew. They had also lost their cars. I realized that I knew where mine was and went to get it, but when I got in, I got into the back seat. Someone was in the front passenger seat. I clambered into the front, but then I was sitting backward and backed out of the parking space that way.

I got home, but it was my mom’s house, and my step dad said they had enrolled me in St. Mary’s College, and that we were going to a football game at the Staples Center. A huge football game, like the superbowl or something, but it was college teams and St. Mary’s College was the direct rival of the U of O Ducks, which is my favorite college team in real life. We went to the game, and some guy there asked me why I had decided to go to St. Mary’s College. I said that the people are nice, then realized that the field I had been in with all the guys was St. Mary’s. I was also wearing a St. Mary’s sweatshirt and felt really guilty for not supporting the Ducks. Then the dream ended.


And… I took a nap today. I had another weird dream.

This one was where I was at an E3 party — I kept thinking it was another CCP party, but there were four stages for Rock Band, with a big crowd of people surrounding one of them. All of the guitar straps on the instruments were piano keys, and the room was brightly lit. There was also no alcohol, which was bugging me because the real CCP party I went to had open bars all over the place.

There were a few separate rooms, I kept going to this room that was mostly empty, with windows lining one wall. The rain that was falling outside was ridiculous, like there was a really steep hill outside and the rain was falling up the hill. I kept going outside to feel it and would slide down the hill, then spend all this time trying to get back up. My mom would appear whenever I was in that room, and we kept talking about me having kids for some reason.

The dream was pretty repetitive, I just kept going outside, then checking to see if any bands had started playing on any of the stages, then going outside to struggle in the rain some and run up the hill. The last time I went in to check on the bands, there was a HUGE snake, like probably 50 feet long, hanging from the lighting on one of the stages. I walked up to it and started petting it, like its nose. It acted like a cat and nuzzled me and stuff, which was cool, but it was too warm, so I started thinking it might be a dream.

After a few seconds, someone called the snake’s name and it looked up… and I realized it had a black beak.


It actually had a bird’s head, but I remember it distinctly having a snake’s head when I was petting it. At the end of the dream, it developed a black bird’s head, like it looked like… A black eagle with a black beak. Or a hippogriff’s head. I don’t know. It was weird. I was mildly irritated at it for not wanting to cuddle with me more, so I stood up and walked back to the rainy hill.

The end.

5 thoughts on “Dreams… My subconscious is crazy

  1. Hahaha, I have dreams like that as well. Honestly ever since I saw Inception I look at dreams differently. If only everything from that movie were real…hahaha. Makes me wonder what my totem would be…

  2. Thats some crazy intense dreams! If i dream its usually if i wake up in the middle of the night, and my dreams are always related to something i read or thought of during the day. So if i dream tonight ill probably end up in that grassy field hahah Thanks for an interesting read! 🙂 I hope your doing well!

    • I am, I hope you are, too 🙂
      It’s funny because in the first dream, I had just gotten home from a dinner with all these people from St. Mary’s Academy. I blame the dinner for me thinking about going to a Catholic school.

      • Been well, minus constantly getting colds though =/ so weird.
        ahhhh makes sense haha I was wondering why that came into play. I thought maybe you had wanted to go to St Mary’s college or something but wasnt allowed to, but that didnt seem right :p

        also I didnt remember my dream but woke up drenched, so i imagine it was something scary like almost getting killed by the giant pyramid head lol

  3. Your dreams are awesome. I wish I could have awesome dreams, but mine usually end up being random and sporadic, jumping around from dream to dream without really staying on the same plot. I don’t usually end up remembering what I dreamed about, either. Boooo.

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