My dreams from last night

So, my first dream was where I was with my friends Stephanie, Jada and Christi. We were all going to this seminar-ish thing in Beaverton, near where Christi lives, but when we got there, Jada wanted to stay and Steph, Christi and I wanted to leave. They wanted me to take the two of them to Stephanie’s house, so I started heading that way, but took a wrong turn (as I do…) and got on I-5 south.

At some point, I got control of time, so I kind of stopped it and went to the edge of the freeway that we were on to look down onto another freeway. I could see my car landing on my ex’s old car, but his brother (whom I absolutely loathe) was driving. I started time again and jumped down to make sure they were okay, and they were, but then I heard a gasp from above me, and another car (neon green Corvette with a carbon fiber hood, wtf) was about to land on me. I paused time again, ran back so I was below where Christi and Steph were, then jumped up to them before the impact of the car landing next to me could affect me.

The three of us watched everything, then noticed a couple making this weird raft thing for their baby. It was pretty much hollow metal tubing on four sides, with a blanket in the middle holding the baby. They threw their baby in the river that was beneath their freeway.

She seemed okay for a bit just giggling and stuff, then the raft kind of sank. The parents just stood there watching, and I jumped in.

I hate swimming.

I got the baby, held her up and made sure she was okay, then swam to the closest area where I could get onto land, which was a bus stop. I called the police from the bus stop, told them I had this baby that had been thrown into the river by her parents, and asked what I could do.

Then I got an envelope, like it was delivered to me. It was another copy of my debit card, which I had lost while saving the baby. It came with a note that said something like “It helps to know the CEO of companies” and was signed. One of the police gave me a white handgun, too, although I never knew why.

At some point, my dad got there and he was irritated that he had to come pick me up. I was really worried because the police had the baby and I wanted to take care of her, because she was so adorable and smiley even though she had just nearly died.

My cat Schala appeared at some point, too. When my dad brought me to the car, I saw that he had brought our Alfa, and I was really cold and wet from swimming in the river fully clothed, so I asked if he could turn the heat up some. He barely did, so I just held Schala really close and uh… woke up.


I had another dream where I was in middle school, in a PE class. We were learning this really odd dance, not sure what it was, but my old friend Avery was in the class with me. I went into this line that had Jamba Juice and was having the hardest time deciding which one to get. I eventually decided on a mango raspberry gelato and some sort of berry citrus drink, then I went back out to where everyone was dancing. I really wanted to drink the smoothie-ish thing that I had bought, though, so I went to drink it and found some notes from Avery from when we were in middle school. D’AWHHHH.

He came over and asked what I was looking at, so I showed him, then we started talking about how similar his eyes are to his mom’s.

That’s all I remember.

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