Reasons to Hate Gay People

People have a lot of excuses to be homophobic. Obviously, it’s a fear (phobia, dur) but of what?

Since I was really involved with my high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, and I was born and raised in Portland, I have a lot of openly gay/trans/bi friends. I’ve never had a problem with it, because…  I’ve always figured that love is love, I have no say in how someone loves someone else.

There are people who are against gay people, though. I’ve compiled as many “reasons” as I can think of, as well as an explanation for why they are all absolutely ludicrous.

  1. If we give gay people rights, we have to give the same rights to people who like incest and beastiality. I don’t even… How is something that’s obviously harmful to children (incest) even comparable to just letting people live the way they were born to? Incest can cause birth defects, whether physical or mental, whereas gay sex cannot produce children. I should not have to explain this. One is harmful, one is not. As far as beastiality goes — dogs are not people, horses are not people. I don’t think they can comprehend that they can’t get married, so they probably don’t mind much. The people who have sex with animals are probably not actually in love with the animals either, and if they are, sex with the animal will probably hurt one of the uh… people/animals involved.
  2. Gay marriage would ruin the sanctity of the church. Separation of church and state, anyone? This applies to people who say gay people can be together or have a domestic partnership, but not a marriage, too. Marriage isn’t nearly as revered as it used to be, I mean we have a huge divorce rate, and a spur-of-the-moment wedding in Vegas isn’t exactly sacred either. Elvis impersonators probably aren’t going to make sure you know what you’re doing in God’s eyes or whatever. Athiests can get married without a problem, too, and pretty much anyone else. Bryce and I are getting married without much religion involved, we probably shouldn’t be allowed to, either. But we are. So there.
  3. Marriage is for producing children. No one has sex for pleasure. That’s why condoms, birth control, strip clubs, porn and brothels exist. Sterile or old people should also not be allowed to get married, same for couples who aren’t getting married to breed. Like dogs. Because that’s all we are, now. Breeding machines. We also need more people here, although there are already too many of us.
  4. Gay people can’t be good parents. Lolwat. There is nothing to show that gay parents can’t be as good of parents as straight parents. The fact that gay parents would have to go through more (IVF, adoption, etc) to get those children, instead of the child being an accident or whatever, should show that they would be dedicated to their kids. There have also been studies showing that as long as kids have a stable home — whether it’s with two straight or gay parents, or just one — they will thrive more than in an unstable home. I know several people who really should not have kids, but do because they were irresponsible. The people who typically rant about gay people having kids probably aren’t throwing fits about the straight people who sort of stumble upon having kids. A lot of people seem to think that a gay couple raising a child will raise a gay child. A more tolerant child, maybe, or more accepting, but obviously straight people only raise straight children. This is why gay people exist. Because when a sperm meets another sperm… Oh, wait.
  5. It’s just not right. Um. People are born gay, just like they’re born straight or bi or blonde or brunette or whatever. They don’t have a say in it unless they fake it — dye their hair or bleach their skin or whatever. People judged Michael Jackson for trying to change himself, but somehow expect gay people to change themselves — not even a physical aspect of themselves — a huge part of their personality and self. If skin bleaching (or tanning, or tattooing, or piercing, or whatever you think is so horrible to change) is bad, why wouldn’t trying to change your entire personality to fit someone else’s ideals be considered wrong? Or, imagine if someone said that it’s wrong for you to be straight. According to their religion, or their morals, you’re a bad person for liking people of the opposite sex. Also you’re a horrible person because you aren’t attracted to the same people as them. Feelsgoodman.jpg. Another thing — some animals are gay, people have been gay for…ever, it’s not like it’s a new thing. We’ve always had gay people as part of the populace.
  6. They’re just doing it for attention. Just like Jews were being Jewish for attention during the Holocaust, and black people/Native Americans were being born black/Native American when it was common for them to be lynched. Yep. Makes total sense. I’d definitely choose to be picked on and hated by random people if I could. I would also choose to have fewer rights. Uh huh. Logical.
  7. It’s against the Bible. That’s cool, if you think that, don’t do it. But just so you know, in the same place it says that you shouldn’t have sex with people of the same sex, it also says you can’t wear polyester, eat shellfish, eat some animals with a cloven hoof, shave your face, work on Sundays, lie, eat bloody meat, get piercings or tattoos, lie about measurements (this applies to everything), eat fruit from a tree that’s less than 4 years old, treat a foreigner differently than you would treat someone who’s native-born, steal, lie or deceive, etc. Unless you’re going to abide by all these rules all the time, please stop expecting people who may or may not be part of your religion to live by your religion’s rules. Also — I have nothing against Christianity, I only have something against people who pick and choose the rules they want to follow. I’m sure several people have said they weigh less than they do, or exaggerated other measurements to make themselves seem more appealing. Stop it. Follow this rule or this rule instead, focus on being a good person. Stop worrying so much about how other people are living their lives, because it really does not change how you live yours.
  8. Gay people are going to try to make me gay. Yes, because they want some prejudiced jerk to be flirting with them. Everyone loves you because you’re so nice and attractive and charming… except you’re really not. Being gay isn’t a disease or anything, either. It’s not contagious. You can’t become gay by hanging out with gay people or whatever, although you might not be as homophobic! It’s a good thing though, it means you have more opportunities to make new friends. Yay!
  9. Gay sex is dirty. Because males never have anal sex with females and no guy ever fantasizes about two girls together. Yaoi also does not exist.
  10. There will be an increase in natural disasters because of gay people. No, seriously. People thought Hurricane Katrina was somehow related to gay people being in New Orleans. Someone also blamed the New York earthquake on legislation that moved the US a little closer to equality. Am I allowed to just cross this off the list for being completely idiotic?
If anyone else has any reasons that they think gay people should not be accepted as normal and treated fairly, please let me know. I honestly can’t think of anything else and would love to prove you wrong ♥

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    Good post Danielle, you summed it all up perfectly. Although I am all for “gay rights” I think that term in itself is condescending and offensive. Just like you and I, they too deserve the opportunity to live life and experience it how they choose.

    Everyone is human and everyone should be afforded the same rights whether you’re male, female, some sort of halfsie or anything.

    Live and let live.

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