Racism Means NO CURRY

I watched a Youtube video that shows some racist British lady spouting nonsense about immigrants going back to “Nigwagwoh” and to stop “commandeering” Britain, because Britain is “fuck all” now that there are “brown people” on her tram. It’s NSFW, if you’re at work. This lady obviously failed her vocabulary classes unless she took them at sailor school.

It might be because I’m from America and was raised by people who have always liked to travel, but I don’t really understand most racism. I certainly don’t understand the whole “Be like us or leave” mentality — I think that mixing everyone together is a good idea, actually. Different types of people means different types of music and food.

I would have sad tastebuds if I only had American food to eat. I probably also would have starved, because my dad (whom I lived alone with for most of my life) learned a lot of his cooking in Southeast Asia. My mom, born and raised in the Philippines, also cooks a lot of Filipino food. Without their influences, I would have no adobo, no longanisa, no curry. I also would not have been introduced to 日本料理, which would be a huge loss.

Having no music from other places would make me sad, too. No Gackt, no BoA (who’s like a sexy Korean assassin), no Benny Benassi, and no Technoboy. Virtually everything I enjoy is from other countries. I don’t see why having that diversity is a bad thing.

I hear people say, “Oh, they’re taking our jobs!” But you know, if you were applying for those jobs and were more qualified for them than the people who are “taking” them, you would probably get it. People also get frustrated because they get financial aid from the government when they live in America. Education is good. I realize that I can’t get financial aid or transfer to a California state university, and I don’t blame it on immigrants. I blame it on the people who don’t want to subsidize higher education, because it’s increasing tuition to the point where universities can’t accept more students. This isn’t the immigrants’ fault. It’s the fault of the selfish.

There are also people who get frustrated because they can’t understand what people are saying in other languages. I got frustrated at the same thing when I was 10 or so. My best friend at the time, Megan, came back from living in Japan for two years. When she was mad at me, she would scold me or call me names in Japanese.

Solution: Learn Japanese.

I also got frustrated that there were so many people speaking Spanish at my school, so I studied enough Spanish to get the gist of what they were saying most of the time. I figured that it would help me in the long run, so I might as well. Studying Latin in 8th grade helped, too. Dem romance languages.

Another reason I think it’s ridiculous to be all “GTFO immigrants” is that there is no way I would exist without immigrants. There’s no way most people would exist. I know very few people who are only one race, whose families have lived in one spot since the beginning of humanity. It would be impossible since we’re all from Africa anyway. British lady in the Youtube video above was African. Long, long ago… before she became a racist prat.

It’s especially ridiculous in the US. I mean, America is made for immigrants. It’s supposed to be a melting pot of different ethnicities, where we wouldn’t have to deal with British taxes without representation and other nonsense. I mean, nevermind that we were kind of rude to the people who lived in North America already. We wanted freedom and were supposed to give it to everyone (except for those we lynched and have been prejudiced against for the entirety of our existence.)

Australia is a bit different, and I think it would be sort of rude of me to tell everyone to be accepting of the Indians and Asians that are here. I do plan on teaching my kids to be more tolerant, though — I was always told that race doesn’t matter, and it never has mattered to me. We all have the same basic body parts (usually) and generally want the same things. Food, to be happy, to be loved, more delicious food from everywhere, and more love. And happiness. Stability is nice, too.

Anyway, I’m sorry for ranting. I’m sure this had several tangents and made very little sense to racist people. I can simplify. Racist people tend to be sort of, “I want my potatoes here, my steak here, and my peas here. They cannot touch because that would be blasphemous and would turn Britain into fuck all.”

I see things differently. I’m more like, “We need this steak, these potatoes, and these peas in a soup so they become a DELICIOUS STEW! They will be full of flavor and will have the immune systems of gods. Because peas have immune systems just like ours. We also need carrots, salt, and pepper to spice things up a bit.”

Also, I pity that woman’s child. He will probably either be embarrassed of her or racist like her. Hopefully he isn’t influenced by his mom too much, since she was arrested for being so uh, vivacious and offensive. Yayyy.

TL;DR: Mixing different things together is good. It’s how we get secondary colors and food that isn’t bland.

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