Inequality Bitching and Bullying

A lot of guys are sick of women (and men) bitching about inequality. They think it’s overdone, people should just get over it, etc. They think that talking about it won’t make it go away. When one of Leigh Alexander’s many posts went up on Kotaku, many of the comments said things like “stop labeling yourself as a minority and it won’t matter anymore.”

Because pretending you’re a guy while you’re playing games works really well. Hiding who you are is obviously the best solution. Yep. You should just turn your mic off (like many women do) and play silently.

A lot of people also said that writing about it wouldn’t solve anything. Complaining is stupid, yadda yadda. Find a solution.

So to those of you who think that writing about problems doesn’t solve them, I have a request to ask of you. The first part has nothing to do with actually addressing the issue, you will simply not be adding to it. The second part actually involves making a change.

Stop calling people the following:

  • cunt
  • fag
  • gay
  • girl
  • homo
  • nigger (or nigga, even if you think that makes it okay in the slightest, it’s still disgusting)
  • any racist/sexist/homophobic terms/slurs
Regardless of whether or not you want to admit it or not, you do affect how people feel. Making people uncomfortable while they’re doing something they should enjoy is not cool. You’re ruining the experience for others, which is selfish and rude. It’s also unnecessary and makes you look like an asshole.
Here are things you can do to help:
  • Call people out on bullying and name calling. Let them know it is not okay.
  • Don’t argue for the right to be sexist/homophobic/racist/prejudiced. While it is your right (in many places, at least) it takes away from the rights of others. We should all be able to play games without being called names like that. Our sex/race/sexuality does not affect how well we play games. Don’t joke about rape, either. If you see/hear someone doing it, ask them to stop.
It honestly doesn’t matter that you have the right to say these things. You do not have the right to make the games you play feel unsafe for others. Telling them to just not play is not a reasonable solution. It’s you giving up on improving yourself as a person. If everyone would just stop fighting for the right to be a jerk, maybe society could be more civilized. Everyone is supposed to learn this stuff in preschool. We were all taught The Golden Rule, and told “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Remember these things. Especially if you don’t want people to bitch about inequality. Do your part to make it a non-issue.
Like this:
Do not be proud of your sexism, homophobia, racism, bullying, etc.
No one else is proud of you for it. Change the world for the better by putting a stop to it.
When it’s not a problem, people will stop complaining about it.

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