Last Night’s Dream

It was weird.

So, first, I had a dream where I was in a parking garage, standing next to an SUV like my mom’s. It was full of CATS! My cat was also in there, and I was having trouble because I needed to fold one of the seats down and the cats kept jumping up onto the seat. Especially this adorable black cat. Yeah.

I like cats.

So I eventually folded the seat down, but then all the cats got out, including mine. I woke up at that point, then fell asleep again.

When my dream restarted, I was at my house in Santa Clarita, and my cat was there.

I looked at her new collar and tags, then took her upstairs where my mom was waiting with all the mail that had arrived in the three months I was in Australia (so apparently my dream took place in January.) My mom and brother were in the bathroom that my brothers and I usually use, talking about class rings for my brother. The conversation went something like this:

Kyle: Mom, I need $400 for a class ring.

Mom: You’re going to regret spending $400 on something like that, those rings are so ugly.

Me: (Thinking it’s ironic that my mom is saying that because she has a silver and blue class ring that’s quite nice)

Kyle: Okay, so how about… You give me $3000 toward my car.

Mom: What?! No, Kyle, that’s even more ridiculous.

Kyle: *Uses his astounding persuasive techniques to convince her to give him $3000 when she wouldn’t give him $400*

So then Kyle left, and my mom asked me for a massage on her calves. I told her I would, so she got on her hands and knees with her head over the bath tub (lolwtf) and I massaged her calves. After I finished, she said, “Oh, also, could you check the bones? I think they’re broken.”

Sure, mom.

I checked her bones, and they were still intact.

After that, we looked through the mail that I had received. A lot of it was birthday stuff, like coupons and such since I’m going to be in Australia for my birthday this year, and a few gifts. I got two Starbucks giftcards ($87.70 and $76.70) and a postcard, and a few bigger envelopes that I didn’t open. I also got an invitation to a dinner at El Gaucho in Portland, where I was expected to bring $3000 to pay for myself because the dinner was going to be $40k for everyone. How ridiculous. I remember thinking, “My wedding dress isn’t even $3000, why would I spend that much on a meal?”

When I woke up, I was frustrated because I didn’t actually have the Starbucks giftcards. I hate having dreams where I receive gifts or go shopping, then wake up and I don’t actually have anything I got, especially because the things I get in my dreams tend to be better than things that exist in real life.

I was also frustrated because I didn’t have my cat. Baw.

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