My Spiritual Beliefs

Several people have asked me what sort of spiritual or religious beliefs I have, and it’s always been difficult for me to explain them. They don’t quite fit any specific belief system except for my own, and make sense more than anything else I’ve read or heard.

There are no rules, firstly. I believe in fate to the extent that different choices provide different opportunities for people — obviously. I mean, if someone goes to college they will most likely have more opportunities than someone who doesn’t. Turning left instead of right could get someone killed. It’s all just different paths.

I also believe in God, but not like some omniscient old white guy in the sky.

God is the center of a koosh ball.

Ah, yes. This is where the souls come in. You see the edges of that ball? The ends of each strand are souls. This means that God would be all of us combined — it would have all of our traits, all of our weaknesses and strengths, everything. It would not represent a single one of us more than the other, or judge us, or hate us, because it is us. Our souls are all one.

I also believe that souls have ages. We start out as baby souls, knowing nothing and just kind of plodding along. These souls would be in people who don’t make very wise decisions, they’re not very worried about ambition or anything because they have so much time ahead of them, and they know it.

When the body they inhabit dies, they go to an abyss of sorts. This abyss allows them to reflect on whatever happened in their life, to decide if they would change anything, to have all their memories available clearly at once. After they have put enough thought into it, they are injected into another body. This body will vary depending on what they discovered in the abyss — if they would like to challenge themselves more, they go for a harder life. If not, they go to an easier life and don’t age much throughout it. The strength of the soul also changes depending on how much they exert themselves, just like our bodies do.

As our souls age, they start developing more of a personality and sort of task list. They will be recycled continuously, reincarnated over and over until they have gotten to the point where they cannot learn anymore.

Soul mates come into play here, too. I do believe in them, whether it’s because I know who mine is or because I’m a romantic, I don’t know, but I definitely believe in them.

Soul mates would be two ends of the same strand. It could be your next door neighbor or someone who lives on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter. I do think that we only find our soul mates after we reach a certain point, though. That point would be the one where the souls cannot learn anymore. They realize that the only things left to know are true love and nothing — that is, how to enjoy nothing — so they start looking for their soul mate.

Once the soul mates have found each other, they get to become one. These souls still return, just that instead of returning as a human, they return as a Golden Retriever or a blade of grass or a drop of water. They live in bliss, not worrying about silly, materialistic things. The combined souls have free reign though; they’re not trapped inside their original homes. They can go to the center, they can visit other souls, they can teach, they can do anything. They don’t  feel the need to cause harm.

Because of what I believe, I usually think of people who are unnecessarily violent or overeager as young souls. I think of most animals as older souls — reaching the end of their lifespan. The souls who repeatedly choose easy lives end up living for a longer amount of time, but they prolong the time that they spend living alone because they learn so little.

I think that dreams are more like our souls telling us what to do than anything — if someone has very few dreams, their soul probably has very little to say to them. However, there are people who dream solutions to problems, or alternate situations. These people have more talkative souls, either with more wisdom or simply more personality. Dreams would be our souls’ only way of conversing with us freely, and whether they choose to or not is their choice. I do think that becoming more in tune with oneself helps, though. If we don’t recognize that there’s a voice, we probably won’t hear what it’s saying.

So… there you go. I’ll be able to refer to this if anyone asks what I believe, and if any of you cared, you now know.

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